The human beings have formed different communities to remain secured. Securities, fear, craze to be rich for happy lives are the main factors to make many people believe in some kind of God. But the true God, if any, remains just an illusion to millions of helpless suffering souls. These helpless souls, even during their last breath, prefer to believe that they are going to heaven as God may consider their case even after death. The heaven is a scene expressed by their elders/gurus of their community or it is imagined based on individual's perceptions. God is only considered to be a mean to achieve what remains unachievable. God is being treated as a tool for personal gains. It is being treated as some supper friend, guardian, merciful, almighty, and an item of security cover mainly available from religious places or gurus.

God is defined in variety of ways. Even those who don't believe in God have defined him in a form in they don't believe in.