I always remained curious to know the mystery of my existence rather than God. During my journey of life, I enjoyed my creative pursuit like a game. I feel that some of my findings may be useful to mankind.

During my search for mysterious of God, I experienced a condition that is descried as "Spiritual Khumari". It is strange condition of enjoyment where mind stops producing questions. One feels as if every thing is OK. But it was a short-lived experience of few hours only.

This experience taught me that you can understand only that to which you got your self qualified within the limitations of the functioning of your thinking system and " Spiritual Khumari" is a state and taste of some stage where you can feel the supper satisfaction of your presence and a feeling of no need to chase the God for any assistance or mercy. I learnt that there are many yogis still meditating in the caves of Himalayas and are constantly enjoying the "Spiritual Khumari" state.

I felt the need to explore some unknown mysteries by scientific reasoning.

Inderjeet Rishiraj

Born on 23rd April 1945


We have observed that like poles of magnets push away each other and unlike poles attract.

Has Newton, Einstein or any other scientist ever explained as to why there is repulsion among similar poles of magnets?  Has anyone ever explained the fundamental reason and methodology of gravitational attraction?

I remained very curious to know the fundamental reason of gravitational attraction. I tried to find the answers for the following points:

- how a smallest particle of the matter is able to send the gravitational waves continuesly in every corner of the universe, and from where it is getting so much energy for this tremendous work?

- how a tinny particle can create such a strong wave which travels immense distances unaffected by the presence big stars as barriers?

- how a gravitational wave when strikes an object on its way makes it to move in the direction from where the wave is coming?

- The inward pulling tendency of gravity should make the universe shrink or at the most static. But it is not so as the experimental discovery of the expansion of the universe has made some fifty years ago.

Gravity is being explained by space time wave function as per Einsteinís theory. Force of gravitational attraction between two objects is determined by Newtonís gravitational formula and not by Einsteinís logic related to gravity.
You should not expect perfect answer for gravity related issues from those who support both (Newton and Einstein) for the same gravitation phenomena.

Most of the physicist fears if they dare to say that Einsteinís theory of relativity is wrong or Newtonís gravitational formula is wrong they are likely to get black listed and will never get accepted for any physics position as a broadcaster or teacher. How a priest can state that there is no God?

Based on a more logical concept, a New Gravitational formula is derived 

Force of attraction F between two spherical objects with masses and is equal to push constant K multiplied by product of masses and angle of their common intersecting tangent. 

In case our concept related to gravitational force of attraction is faulty, we may be walking into wrong direction. It is said that the fundamental concept of black holes is based on gravitational force of attraction. As per Einstein, even light or any other rays will change and bend its path when they are passing close to stars. When we state that we have observed an event at a distance of 55 million light-years away, the rays of that event may have reached us by not following a straight path, even it may have reached us from our back side. Also, by the time we have observed the image of the event after a delay of such a long time, it had vanished.

A recent discovery of  black hole can be explaiend otherwise.

There is no certainty that the first image of black hole is of real black hole till we can have its three dimensional view. As the universe is expanding, we may be wrong in our perception of gravitational attraction which is a fundamental parameter to support the creation of black hole.

We have imagined that there had been a Big Bang. But, it may not have happened. Chances are that Smaller Bangs are happening continually at several locations of the universe. We know that, as per the principle of atomic explosion, if particular type of matter is pressed beyond a certain limit or some nuclear fission takes place, matter will explode like an atomic bomb. There is a possibility that condensed matter ( Black Hole) are exploding to form galaxies and galaxies are forming Black Holes.  


If the gravity is traveling at the speed of light, both gravity and light may be traveling on a third carrier (PUSH RAYS) which has a speed of light. The PUSH RAYS may be emerging from blasts in the planets at several location of the universe. Continues expansion of universe may be due to PUSH RAYS which are pushing away all heavenly objects.

A fundamnetal mechanism of light rays emerging from a buring flame can be explained based on a new concept of gravity...


I remained too curious to know about Ghosts, God and all about paranormal activities.

Our eye retina is sensitive to certain wavelength of rays. Cameras are found to be capable of recording images produced by still smaller wavelengths. Many cameras are found to have recorded images which are mostly non visible to human eyes. Some cameras have captured images showing shadows chasing humans. People identify these images as ghosts. There is scope to investigate such events by new type of cameras that can be explained to interested research organisations.

I am still curious to know my own self. During all the years of my life, I have been developing a hypothesis to satisfy my own curiosity regarding my own thinking system. 

I got the chance to interact with some mysterious persons. A man was able to predict future by some "Siddhi" technique. I was very lucky to have some very real experience of some thing called "Khumari".


During some experiment on plants, I could find that a charge like field exists that has a link to its structural growth. If this field is disturbed, the growth of plant gets effected. It suggests that some very important charge like medium may be involved for overall control of a living organism. Homeopathy, a proven science, too appears to be working by interacting with similar kind of field. I have tried homeopathy as a hobby and have observed its curing power. I am too keen to know the real mechanism of homeopathic action. Until now it is based on proving and observations. It is generally prescribed to a patient on hit and trial basis. It can access our central controlling unit, but we are ignoring it as an unimportant branch of science. Those who are associated with this mysterious science are only interested to use it as a profession.


We can prove that the head, brain and its neurons are not the actual seat of power for a living body as we can create a condition to keep alive the main structure of any living creature without its original head. I have observed such a condition for a small creature.

We generally consider brain similar to a computer that is managing our body parts and have some connection with every cell of our body. The larger part of the bran's function is devoted to sencing exertenal vibrations throuhg our sencing organs, skin surface and even internal lining of our organs. It is even capable to sense painful areas at any location of the body. The brain may be only similar to other glands of the body capable of producing different types of special chemicals that breaks on slightest vibrating pressure, resulting in generation of electric pulses that are further sensed by our body-less body.

We and all the things around us are physically available in the time period which we call present time. The present time is almost non existent or it is the end of past time. The complete past time period is limitless. Our thought, active and alive during  the present time, can accommodate complete past history of preceding thoughts. So, whatever we observe, hear or see is sensed through our active thought during the present time.

All inputs by our sensory organs are recorded to our memory before our consciousness utilizes them to generate new thought. During the recording process, our consciousness filters the data for its meaningful contents. It decides the meaningfulness of the new contents by the use of its already acquired thought/memory. Thus we can't accept certain realities that are entirely new to us. In other words, like animals, we too have limitations to grasp certain realities.

We must have observed that, sometimes during our absent minded stage, when we suddenly start thinking about a new scene, by leaving the old scene midway, the part of our old action continues to play independently without envolving brain and we get involved in accidents. During repetition of similar actions, our main memory block of that particular scene takes it for granted that its series of memory activation process will be completed as per expectations, and it triggers next command without waiting for any feedback to confirm the completion of previous act.

The present do exist, but its time interval is too small that we have not yet imagined.

My opinion for the present time is as under:

Present Time Interval = Diameter of the smallest particle/velocity of light

The value of speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second.

The diameter of proton is 0.00000000000002 meters. Or, 2 x 10^-14.

The diameter of the smallest push particle is likely to be many times smaller than the diameter of the proton.

So, the time period of any physical action or chemical reaction that actually takes place in its complete form is too small to get recorded by the present day gadgets.


Our skin is not necessarily the outer boundary of our body

Our hormones and chemical fluids are the primary players that help us communicate with the body beyond skin layer.

Now let me analyze the functioning of eye in relation to its specific chemical fluids. The retina seems to process about one-million-point images per second. It takes about 1/16th of a second for a retina cell to respond to the striking light ray. If the striking light ray stays for still lesser time, the retina cell doesn't respond. This response time of 1/16th of second is a very critical time and is very useful to help us know the possible kind of activities that are being induced at the surface of retina cells.

This category of response time can only be associated with mechanical vibration of particles. It canít be photoelectric action which do not require such a long time of 1/16th of second. Thus when light ray strikes a particle lying at the surface of the retina cell, it will try to oscillate that particle with its own frequency. If the particle, of specific density and volume, is lying in almost free condition, it will start oscillating in a frequency similar to striking light ray. Due to law of inertia, the particle will not respond instantaneously but will require some time to pickup the momentum.

A particle of certain mass and volume can vibrate freely within very small range of frequencies. It is similar to inducing resonance in a tuning fork by a similar vibrating tuning fork during a simple experiment to study sound waves.

The retina contains rod cells and cone cells. The long, thin rods react to lack of light. There are three classes of cones, which respond preferentially to long, middle and short-wavelength of visible light. The only reason to suggest the requirement of three types of cones is because a single type can't respond to wider range of mechanical vibrations for all visible range of light waves. A particle of particular mass can be induced to resonate within a very small range of frequency, and if we are required to sense a wider range of frequencies, we will need different type/size of particles at different sensing surfaces.

The cones should have a technology by which a molecule can be made to oscillate freely under the influence of striking light ray. If the molecule of the receptor cone happens to oscillate it can't generate enough force to pass its mechanical energy in the form of nerve impulses to reach occipital lob of the brain. Occipital lob of the brain may be just a generator of specific chemical fluids required to get oscillated by striking light rays. The behavior of vibrating particles on the retina surface is sensed by our conscious field.

In fact, once there is any disturbance by way of vibration at any minute location of our body, our consciousness is smart enough to recognize and analyze it. The vibrating molecules may be creating ripples in some medium around it. The consciousness may be acting like a bridge to receive the vibrations to its medium where the ripples don't fade easily.

It is also possible to have the experience of light by vibrating the molecules of retina cell by some other means. Even our consciousness can make them vibrate by transferring its energy from our ripple like memory. If during dream we have found our eyeballs moving, we can also discover the relative vibrations of molecules of our retina cones, which otherwise are only supposed to be light sensitive.

Since the organs to detect light, smell, taste and sound need very delicate surfaces and highly sensitive fluids of delicate structures, they are placed very close to their fluid manufacturing gland "brain".


    1. Brain is working on the principal of other glands.

    2. Memory is distributed all over the body.

    3. Memory is stored as a complete scene.

    4. Memory is stored in the form of ripples.

    5. Our memory is not a product of bit like structure but a scene like structure.

    6. Our memory is not like a stamp impression.

    7. We are not storing the image in the form of any imaging pattern but we are just storing its properties based on some logic that too is based on our preconceived perceptions based on our past experiences.

    8. Since we got our body in working state, and it is going to function till our death, our creator may not have felt the necessity of providing us with any hard disc type storage medium. Rather, we may be using RAM type technology to keep our memory in an ever-active state. Our RAM memmory may exist in a charge like eneveloping fileld.

    9. Our consciousness, which is most dependent and concerned with its RAM type memory, may be residing at some static medium that does not require cell replacements.

    10. Intelligence is not confined to living creatures.

    11. We don't require any thinking system but only sensory system as there is no real present time available to accomodate any unique independent thinking process.

    12. Present time is beyond our reach.

    13. Intelligence is in the form of field.

    14. There is a source of intelligence.

    15. We are slaves of our perceptions.

    16. Our new behaviours develop during our growth as and when some new chemical substance starts appearing in the body.

    17. Different colours are not in reality but are the results of our pre-programmed perceptions.

    18. Happiness, sadness, shyness and all other emotional reflections are pre-programmed perceptions.

    19. During our absolute relaxation, some external force can easily influence us. Some of our brain segments are made to operate under such a condition of nothingness only.

    20. The present is almost zero and the future is a guess. Only past is can be felt.

    21. Whatever is supposed to be done by us is in fact being done through us. We have been programmed to feel as if we are using some thinking system.

    22. On the other hand even if we have any thinking system based on our existing assumptions, we don't have any time to utilise it, as the present is almost non-existent. Nature never produces useless tecknologies.

    23. We dream while sleeping is an acceptable concept, but how can we be very sure that the awakening state is not the part of some other dream.


The facial expression of a dead person clearly indicates that how stunned he was at that last moment when he was experiencing unexpected unimagined happening. They wanted to cry like a child but felt so chained that they could not even blink their eyes. They surrendered to death after they used up their last grain of energy to take one more breath. They appeared to have felt cheated when they found themselves all alone in the dark to experience the most unexpected shocking incident, which was never told to them. They accepted the defeat as the only alternative. It seems that they didn't die due to ailment but due to their heart failure as a result of mental shock. In the end they appeared to have felt relaxed and cool to see the end of the worst storm.

Many people are teaching the art of living, to continue that is bound to end or art to reach the heights without teaching the art to descent. All of them help to board the best train without any bothering for the real destination. There are many professional gurus engaged as guides to the path to heavens. They themselves have not yet experienced what they generally tell others to experience. They have learnt the theories of their profession from some literature, which is probably written by someone to satisfy his own worldly requirements.